Hack for good.

Opportunity Hack (founded by PayPal in 2013 to positively impact our community) and Silicon Valley Code Camp (a community of impassioned developers, speakers and sponsors) have partnered to bring the next Opportunity Hack to Silicon Valley.

We are excited to have as our sponsors PayPal, Microsoft and IBM. This two-day hackathon (Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 24-25) brings students, software professionals and these top Silicon Valley companies together to create solutions for non-profits, local governments and social enterprises.

Sign Up 

1. "Register" at http://svcc-opportunity-hack.devpost.com/ AND

2. Registration will be complete only after you accept our slack invite and join our slack team 


Optional Sessions Friday 9/23

11.30 AM - 4.00 PM - Human Centered Design Workshop along with the non-profits to learn about how to focus on customers to create innovative solutions. Sign up here.

2.30 PM - 4.30 PM - Build integrated, scalable apps that take full advantage of natural language, cognitive data, analytics, and IoT  services - Sponsored and run by IBM. Sign up here

Sat 9/24

7.00 AM - 8.00 AM - Participants and non-profits check in. Team formation and check ins also happen

8.00 AM - 9.00 AM - Teams get a chance to interact with the non-profits

9.00 AM - Opening Keynote would be at 9.00 AM by John Alioto, CTO of Technical Evangelism & Startup.

9.30 AM - After the opening keynote address, the fun begins! Our non-profits will all have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to all the participants.  We'll be moving this along quickly so that we can move into team building.You can bring a whole team, but if you don't we're pretty good at facilitating team formation. Please note that the pitch session is for only non-profits pitching ideas.

11:00 a.m.  It's time to get your Hack On!  You have from now until 2:00 p.m. on Sunday!  We're providing meals and snacks and support around the clock.

9/25 Sun

2:00 p.m. on Sunday it's time to let the keyboard rest.  You'll want to have your solutions and presentation ready for a three minute presentation to the judges with some Q&A. 

This will mark the end of the event and the beginning of the celebration!!!

Story of Opportunity Hack

The projects

We spend a lot of effort in bringing the right partners with impactful projects to the hack. Please find a brief description of the projects and links to the vide submissions below.

City of San Jose: The City of San Jose has several datasets available on their open data portal which may be interesting for participants to tap into and explore. In particular there is live data from  city owned parking garages that may be worth making an app out of. Another idea is to use the Multiple Housing Roster to help renters identify the rating of their building or a building they are interested in renting (we divide properties into 3 tiers based on how well taken care of they are). The City of San Jose's Innovation Office has a few more projects that could be interesting to participants.

Unity Care Group: The non-profit could really use an Inventory App that will track external donations coming in, coordination of pick-up date, time and an automatic receipt. Internally track quantity a client/family receives in donated goods within a fiscal year. Additionally, it will allow their IT department to track inventory of all equipment and furniture we have for the agency. 

San Jose Public Library: "We would like hackathon participants to create an app to help tally/track the summer meals served at our libraries. In 2014 SJPL began offering a summer meals program in partnership with other organizations and funded by the federal free meal program. This program helps keep children fed during the summer months when school lunch programs are often unavailable. The program has been wildly successful, with the number of meals served doubling in our second year to nearly 14,000. The app would help us track and report back the number of meals served by allowing multiple locations to submit and tally meals served electronically. The app would provide reports on the amount of food that is left over to better manage and share foods with organizations that we partner with. The app would provide electronic storage and data search capabilities of the information." - Tomika J.Price

Centro Community Partners: "We need help to develop a prototype web portal called “Scholarly” would be an online profile catalog of minorities college students that are crowded-sourcing grants and scholarship funds for their education. It will used as an platform where we have the general public, private donors, and foundations offer scholarship funding to qualified minority students of different majors but with an emphasis on STEM majors."

Kendal @ Oberlin: The non-profit support senior citizens. Some of their residents are mentally or physically unable to speak for themselves, and Kendal must request decisions and releases from their authorized representatives such as spouses, children,  healthcare power-of-attorney and others, who may be anywhere in the world and may not have access to printers or scanners to provide written authorization.  Often, Kendal is mandated to receive forms or pertinent information signed by resident’s authorized spokesperson before action can be taken.  This problem is not unique to Kendal, but is a Federal requirement of licensed health care and senior living facilities.  An app that Health Care Power-of-Attorneys can access from their devices to digitally sign off on needed paperwork would help streamline the process and allow for quicker responses to resident needs. 

Silicon Valley Food Rescue Council: "We would like to create a common protocol that will give us a view on which soup kitchens, pantries are open by time of day, so we can direct people to the rght location where they can donate the food. WE aslo need people with capability to assess whether the food they have can be donated or not."

Mission Asset Fund: This project has the potential to change the way the field thinks about financial coaching to ensure it doesn’t depend on one individual’s expertise being conveyed to a client. With a tech-powered survey, we can quickly get a financial snapshot of an individual’s life that can be used to quickly and efficiently provide tailored referrals that are seamlessly integrated with on-demand financial education, loan programs that they can enroll in immediately with an integrated app they can use to track and improve their progress. 

Main Street Launch: Research shows that during the construction of transit projects, businesses are often disrupted because customers can’t reach them easily. The BRT directory allows businesses to stay in touch with customers via an online presence and it will help many businesses that have been invisible to outsiders be found online and potentially grow their customer base. Businesses on the corridor have much to offer, this directory will help carve out a space for them to be seen. 

Policy Link: " Our Equity Profiles (http://nationalequityatlas.org/reports/equity-profiles) have sparked important conversations about equity across the 12 communities we’ve worked in thus far, but they are a long and time-intensive process to develop. An overwhelming number of Atlas users have expressed interest in creating their own “mini-profiles” or equity snapshots for their regions; they’d like to use our framework and data, and then create a personalized profile experience – one that can be shared with their users/customers, organizational partners, legislators, and funders. Also, the Atlas team would glean important information from these user generated equity profiles, such as having both qualitative and quantitative info on the various campaigns and advocacy efforts that have been launched using the Atlas.

Our challenge/project addresses both of these needs through the creation of a digital solution that could allow users to create their own equity snapshots by selecting their geography, a few indicators of interest, and an option for users to contribute additional context, personal stories, campaigns, etc. to strengthen the equity narrative. This user-generated content would supplement our existing framing and resources for each indicator by adding local voices and perspectives, and would allow us to better understand which indicators and messaging are most effective at moving equitable policies forward.?

Rising International: Rising International is the first non-profit to use the direct sales or home party model to solve extreme poverty locally and globally. They are looking for a solution to scale their social enterprise. A few features that they could use include an eCommerce friendly site that also can help customers find a Rising International locaiton.

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship: "We social entrepreneurs, who in turn serve poor and marginalized around the world. We are particularly focused on entrepreneurs addressing climate change and women's empowerment issues. We have supported nearly 600 social enterprises to date, and plan to support many more. To help guide their work, our work, and that of our ecosystem partners, we need to better understand the impact the entrepreneurs are having. However, we don't have the technology to efficiently collect meaningful data for this."  Therefore, they are looking to build a solution that can pull this information from websites and other online resources. Complimentary to this is a taxonomic/ classification system that would help standardize these impacts.


SF Day Labor Program And Womens Collective: They focus on empowering Day Laborers with better jobs from employers who will pay fairly and equitably through their Work Center. They are looking for a way to digitize their Work Center so that employers can hire these day laborers without having to visit or call the Work Center. The solution will not only help this organization but 25000 organized domestic workers and 55 Day laborer centers.

 Please keep checking for more here and on SLACK

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  1. All members of team have registered on DevPost and are added to the project submission.
  2. Links to GitHub, and video or presentation must be included in project submission.
  3. At least two members of team will be present in person for demo to judges.

How to enter

  1. Join Opportunity Hack San Jose on DevPost
  2. Come to the event with a team or we will help you build a team of like minded folks. 


Bill Scott

Bill Scott
VP, Consumer & Venmo Engineering, Identity Product & Engineering and Next Gen Commerce at PayPal

Reggie Hutcherson

Reggie Hutcherson
Director Cloud & Mobile Ecosystem

Kalen Gallagher

Kalen Gallagher
Captain, Code for San Jose

Jon Pedigo

Jon Pedigo
Director of Projects for Peace and Justice in the Diocese of San José

Judging Criteria

  • Implementation
    The projects need to be able to move from "proof-of-concept" to working project. At the beginning of the hackathon, teams will be documenting their problem statement on devpost when creating their projects and assessed against it at the end.
  • Scope
    How big an impact will your solution have on the community? Key things that are important are * Scale of the problem being solved * Potential reach * Productivity gains
  • User Experience
    In order for your solution to be used by customers, it needs to have a good user experience and you need to be able to demonstrate and market your solution so that it can succeed long term
  • Innovation
    Displaying innovative solutions to the problems. Do you solve the problem in a novel way? Can you create a solution that is cohesive across different areas or technologies? -